Odessa Links Continuum of Care

Serving as lead agency for the Odessa Homeless Coalition, Odessa Links is the only organization in the City of Odessa with a license to HMIS-Homeless Managment Information System. Odessa Links is responding to the inability to provide continuum of care services to homeless individuals which has been identified as a prevailing problem in producing favorable outcomes for the homeless population. Odessa Links provides service agencies with the HMIS component to offer comprehensive case management to all their clients, including homeless individuals. HUD has specifically recognized HMIS for its ability to directly improve the effectiveness of community homeless shelters and service delivery systems. With the incorporation of HMIS, the Odessa community has a stronger application when seeking federal assistance for the homeless population.

Through comprehensive case management provided by our case manager we are able to provide access to available resources to homeless people and families and assist them in establishing self-sufficiency.

The main responsibility of the Case Manager is to serve as a central advocate for homeless persons needing to identify the support service and housing options currently available in the community and to work cooperatively with homeless service providers and the Odessa Homeless Coalition.

To address the complex and divers needs of homeless persons in the city of Odessa and to reduce the chronic homelessness. The Case Manager evaluates the client and implements a personal care plan to insure that the clients' needs are met. Long term case management ensures that clients have the resources and support network to become successful and self sufficient.


This Continuum of Care process helps reduce/eliminate barriers for homeless clients by identifying chronic triggers and assisting the client in properly coping/addressing the obstacles they face while battling the cycle of poverty.